Polaris: a new absolute benchmark
Polaris: a new absolute benchmark

Polaris: a new absolute benchmark

The future is built on sound foundations. The Polaris, the new flagship of Pilato’s Mercedes-Benz fleet, aims to set a new standard in the hearse market.

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We set ourselves the goal of improving excellence.

Where both the design and the technical features are concerned, the Pilato research department focused on new developments that could highlight Mercedes’ cutting-edge qualities and Pilato’s successful tradition.


Definition of the volume

An innovative interpretation of the sides and the roof made it possible to increase the space in both the passenger compartment and the loading bay. The ample glazed surfaces and the fully glazed tailgate – a distinctive hallmark of Pilato – accentuate the luminosity while compound elements underline the dynamism of the line.

Design research must not be limited to a self-serving styling exercise.

As a result, the rewriting of the exterior lines of the Polaris made it possible to create a generous amount of interior roominess: the coffin deck is over a metre wide, which simplifies loading operations and makes work easier for operators. This underlines the vehicle’s conception, which combines refined outfits, reflecting a constant striving for materials, light and colours, with the practicality that is indispensable in a professional vehicle.

The unmistakable element on the new Polaris is the split glazing of the side panels, which makes for lightness in the proportions and balance of form. The small window behind the driver’s seat, accentuated by a chrome strip, not only enhances the aesthetics of the side, but also offers the possibility of choosing the graphic design and various lighting and darkening options.


A universe of space

The interior design is inspired by the luxurious cabins of private jets or luxury yachts, blending styling and practicality. The outfits are created by craftsmen with top quality materials that accentuate each magnificent detail.

A luminous future

The lighting in the funeral compartment has been completely reinvented and comprises a principal source of light, with LED bulbs in the two original lamps positioned on the interior side panels and – on request – a second, more suffused, natural source of light, distributed around the windows, under the ceiling and in the pillars, which can be adjusted for colour and intensity, with separate controls and functions.

Green generation of Pilato Hybrid Plug-In hearses


The new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Restyling hearses can now rely on the advanced EQ Power plug-in hybrid technology. This is an extraordinary achievement that will allow the funeral industry to benefit from all the advantages of electric drive.
The ideal opportunity for those who need to travel for short distances, within cemeteries and to access ZTL (restricted access) areas, with the advantage of vignette exemption during the first years from registration (three or five depending on the specific region).

The plug-in hybrid range combines two different power units: the combustion engine and the electric motor. The two forms of traction work together in an extremely efficient manner, doubling the driving comfort: electric power for zero-emission travel on urban routes and during parades, internal combustion power for long-distance travel.

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Green generation of Pilato Hybrid Plug-In hearses

Here's how the plug-in hybrid on the new E-Class works in simple terms. A high-voltage lithium-ion battery is used to store electrical energy, which can be recharged by means of an external power source, including a domestic socket. Thanks to the regenerative braking system, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in order to partially recover braking energy when no power is applied and the vehicle is rolling. The electric motor can be used both as a motor and as a generator. In the first case, it is used for traction and in the second, the electrical energy is recovered and used to recharge the battery while rolling and braking.

The new hybrid plug-in engines are ready to support your business, offering both economic and sustainability benefits. Thanks to Pilato's range of incentives, our professionals will support you in choosing the most suitable hearse for your operational needs.

You can choose between the following engines:
E300de diesel/electric hybrid - 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine, 1,950 cm³ displacement, 143 kW (194 hp), 90 kW (122 hp) electric motor, 225 kW (306 hp) system output 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission

E300e petrol/electric hybrid - 4-cylinder in-line petrol engine, 1,991 cm³ displacement, 155 kW (211 hp), 90 kW (122 hp) electric motor, 235 kW (320 hp) system output 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission


Technical data

Person Person Person Person  4 of seats   Coffin  1 coffin  

Passenger compartment seating 4 (including the driver), coffin compartment equipped to carry 1 casket.

Technical data

Major features

  • EXCLUSIVE exterior line with three-bar front grille, radiator with three-dimensional chrome frame, aluminium window frames and chrome trims on the front bumper.
  • High Performance LED headlights incorporating daytime running lights and foglight function.
  • 18” alloy rims.
  • Electrically heated and adjusted door mirrors.
  • AVANTGARDE interior range with ARTICO leathercloth and black Norwich fabric seats, decorative aluminium trims.
  • Three-spoke multifunction nappa leather steering wheel.
  • Thermomatic climate control.
  • Audio 20 USB with multimedia system and Bluetooth interface.
  • Rear camera activated automatically when reverse is engaged.
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