GrandAurora: an agile, dynamic and safe four-seater
GrandAurora: an agile, dynamic and safe four-seater

GrandAurora: an agile, dynamic and safe four-seater

The new XF GrandAurora is another step forward in Pilato’s ‘Jaguar Drive’; it extends and diversifies the range of XF-derived hearses, an agile, dynamic and safe four-seater that joins the traditional two-seat Aurora. The design of the GrandAurora is both simple and surprising, blending aesthetics and practicality. It is also equipped with the very latest casket loading and unloading systems and mechanisms.


Innovative design

Even at the design stage we approached the rear volume from a totally new perspective, achieving a compromise between the extreme idea of total glazing and a traditional side view.

The result is a profile highlighted by an elegant wave that starts from the top of the door and descends to the tail end, creating a sinuous line reminiscent of a cat.

The side window: the biggest in this vehicle class

The need for a large rear side window that could highlight the coffin compartment led designers to create one of the largest windows ever seen in this class of vehicle.

The large window in the tailgate fills the coffin compartment with natural light, increasing visibility of the interior during the funeral cortege to accompany the deceased on his final journey.


Innovative solutions for the interior outfit

The renowned craftsmanship of our workforce is reflected in every detail, while the intuitive technologies adopted for the coffin handling system, tailgate opening and lighting system allow the undertaker to control the many functions with the pushbuttons in both the coffin compartment and the driving compartment, or even by remote control.

At Pilato everything has to meet the criterion of superior quality

The original vehicle features the Prestige outfit and includes a range of equipment that makes it ideal for every-day professional use: the passenger compartment is the same size as on the standard saloon, thus guaranteeing a high level of comfort and making it extremely easy for passengers to get in and out.

Design, technology, materials, components, a skilled workforce; at Pilato everything has to meet the criterion of superior quality. We are able to put this philosophy into practice because for more than 55 years we have invested in training, technological research, product development, and the upgrading of our plant and structures.

Engines and performance

Person Person Person Person  4 of seats   Coffin  1 coffin  

2.OL PETROL    |    2.OL DIESEL    |    3.OL V6 DIESEL
Capacity: cc 1997    |    cc 1999    |    2993
Output kw: 147-184    |    132-177    |    221
Bhp: 200-250    |    180-240    |    300
Drive: rear
Transmission: Automatic 8-speed
Emissions class: Euro 6

Engines and performance

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