Aurora Sprint: Two-seater Jaguar XF hearse
Aurora Sprint: Two-seater Jaguar XF hearse

Aurora Sprint: Two-seater Jaguar XF hearse

The ideal hearse when it comes to dealing with the challenges of your daily work in a convenient ad professional manner.

The overall design exudes strength and elegance.

At 5600 mm long, it is the most easily manoeuvrable hearse, which is designed to be employed in city centres and cemeteries. It is more agile than all other Jaguar models, but it retains the same dimensions as the coffin space, providing an equally large loading area. 


Innovative solutions for the interior outfit

The interior also echoes the same pleasing lines as the exterior design, with top-quality materials and finishes that are accurately made by spending the best craftsmanship. 

The convenience of operating an efficient and practical vehicle is obvious, thanks to easy, intuitive controls and wear-resistant lifting and loading mechanisms that have been tested for long-term use.

Green generation: the new plug-in hybrid range

Choosing a Hybrid Plug-In vehicle from the Jaguar range is increasingly convenient thanks to the current regulations that are in force in Italy. As of 1 January 2021, the contributions that are already granted will be supplemented by additional resources, which were allocated by the 2021 Budget Law, for the purchase of low-emission vehicles. In addition, in many regions and municipalities, owners of an electric or hybrid cars can benefit from a number of concessions, ranging from total or partial exemption from paying car tax (vignette) to reduced or zero rates for access to restricted traffic zones and parking on “blue zone” regulated areas (paid parking spots). In addition, some regions offer discounts that reduce the price compared to the official price list.


Person Person  2 of seats   Coffin  1 coffin  

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